True Traveller The Best Backpacker Travel Insurance

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True Traveller: The best Travel Insurance for Backpackers

Do you have travel insurance? Would you get one? I´m pretty sure that you have had this conversation with other travellers many times. There are different opinions as there are different people but for us it is an indispensable. Nobody is safe 100% while you are travelling because all of us know how easy you can have a broken foot or a monkey bite. A good example can be “our little bomb” the appendix that cause Appendicitis because is random and we can all have it.

Why do we have travel insurance?

  • Because we have found the best one and for this price is stupid let it go.
  • Because is cheaper get True Traveller than be travelling without travel insurance. We will prove it later on.
  • Because travelling for a long period the probability of visit the doctor (at least once) is 99,9%
  • Because with True Traveller you will pay less than 1€/day. Do you think it will break your budget?
  • Because if you are applying for a Working Holiday Visa you need to get one.

Why do we use True Traveller instead of any company?

The first time we were researching to get the best insurance we found True Traveller, it was not very famous in that moment (at least apart from UK) but the price+cover was unbeatable.

Some insurance have from 10.000 to 50.000 but we were travelling to New Zealand and the cover had to be higher. Even when you are travelling across poor countries you will need a higher cover so the private hospitals are expensive everywhere. Believe me you won´t go to a public hospital in India.

Right now we have been using True Traveller more than 4 years and we don´t have any complains. During these years we have used many times and the insurance always cover everything.


  • PRICE: Less than 1£/day. You won´t break your budget 😉
  • SUMARY OF COVER: More than 2,5 Millions € for Medical Expenses the basic.
    • Accidental Disability, Cancellation, Personal Liability, Legal Expenses, etc.
    • Make it you way with many options as Baggage, Laptop, Bike, Money, etc.
    • Travel and accommodation expenses for one of your immediate relatives to travel to be with you if their presence is necessary.
    • More than 90 activities cover in the first price: most of the sports, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Surfing, Skydiving, Wall Climbing, etc.
    • Dentist: very strong point so we all know how expensive it is and with True Traveller you will get 300£.
  • FLEXIBLE:You can get the travel insurance even during your trip.
    • You can adapted to different world regions. Europe, Australia, Rest of the world with or without EE.UU and Canada. (perfect for WHV)
  • PERFECT for Working Holiday Visa Get the Adventure Pack and get cover while you are working in construccion, picking or packhouses.
    • You can get it cheaper choosing only a smaller area of cover.
    • You can get up to 24 months cover, perfect for 2 years of Working Holiday Visa.
  • AGE:Don´t worry if you are 30 years old because True Traveller make you feel young again. Up to 39 you can still get True Value, the cheapest version.
    • Between 40 and 50: You can´t get True Value but the next one (Travellers) is exactly the same price for you.
    • From 50: The price rise a little bit but you can get it.
  • TRUST:True Traveller works under AWP P&C S.A and you probably don´t know what that it means. But If I tell you this is Allianz Group Corporation you will fell safer.
    • Allianz Group is the biggest insurance company in the world. If you don´t believe me you can check Forbes Magazine where their position was nº 1.


  • True Traveller is only for people who have a permanent resident (passport) from European Economic Union´s countries.

Our Experience


I have been using this travel insurance for many years and probably the biggest expenses i have had was a hyperthyroidism treatment in New Zealand.

New Zealand has a public health care only for their citizens but the rest of us who is living there with a Working Holiday Visa have to pay.

Just to diagnose me i spent 100 NZD. Every time i went to the doctor was between 30 to 50 dollars plus every test. In total I spent over a 1.000 dollars that I receive with no complaints from True Travellers.

As we were travelling I visited different doctors across New Zealand but i have never had a problem to claim my money back.


She was the first of us who use it going to the Dentist. It was also in New Zealand and the surprise was when True Traveller paid even for the special tooth paste recommended by the dentist.

How it works?

  • Doctor´s visit: If you need to go to the doctor for normal illness, you can choose any clinic in the country where you are and True Traveller will pay you back when you send them a email with the bill. If you have paid the “Excess” option they will pay from 0 (I will explain you better the Excess option later).
  • Accident or Mayor Injury: This case is different and True Traveller will get in contact with the clinic or hospital and will pay everything directly to the hospital.

Get The Best Backpacker’s Travel Insurance . «Tutorial»

mejor seguro de viaje para mochileros

Quick look to the prices!!! (Update November 2018)

True Traveller Travel InsuranceTrue Traveller Travel Insurance

As you can see there are 3 types of policies. I will focus with True Value and Traveller.

I have taken as a reference Spain for the prices but is the same for some other countries as Germany, Italy and England. And even cheaper for countries as Czech Republic.

True Value:  262£ or equivalent 294€/365 days= 0,80€/day. It will break your budget?

Traveller: 344£ or equivalent 387€/365 days= 1,06€/day.

Don´t you believe me yet? Click here and see it yourself.

What has Traveller extra comparing with True Value?

  • Medical Screening: It is good for people with chronic illness or sick before get the insurance.
  • Delay or Cancelation: Include strike, weather conditions or mechanical failure.
  • Flight missing: Up to 500£ to use in accommodation, public transport, etc.
  • Hijack: 100£/day up to 3.000£.
  • Cheaper Excess: The Excess itself so you will pay up to 75£ instead of 125£ and get “Excess 0” will cost you less.
  • Higher Cover: Everything cover by the travel insurance will rise the quantity.

Policy Download

Packs and Options

True Traveller Travel Insurance

If you want to know all the activities from Traveller Pack and Adventure Pack.

A few examples with different packs

All the prices are for a year trip using the area «Worldwide excluding USA/Canada»

True Traveller Travel InsuranceTrue Value + Excess 346 €uros
Traveller + Excess 426 €uros
True Traveller Travel InsuranceTrue Value + Excess + Adventure Pack 436 €uros
True Traveller Travel InsuranceTraveller + Excess + Adventure Pack 530 €uros

Travel Insurances Comparison

Chapka (the best rival)

It is the best rival if you are with a Working Holiday Visa if not it is quite expensive.

Here are the prices for a 3 months trip or longer without a Working Holiday Visa, Post Graduation Work Visa, International Co-op, etc:

Chapka: from 576€ up to 744€ (35 or younger) about 2.000€ (+70)


True Value: from 262€  up to 414€ (baggage, laptop, exces, etc). 3 Millions € medical expenses.


Traveller: from 344€ up to 492€ (baggage, laptop, exces, etc). 5 Millions € medical expenses.

But with any of the Visas we have been talking before here are the prices:

chapka travel insurancechapka travel insurancechapka travel insurance

Chapka strong point: Unlimited Medical Expenses vs 3M or 5M from True Value and Traveler.

True Traveller strong point: The price. Still cheaper: 262€ vs 432€.

Similarities: Both of them you use to pay first and then claim the money back.

In my opinion True Traveller is better because is cheaper and the cover is amazing. So if I need more than 3M € probably better say goodbye 😉


Probably the most famous between the backpackers but for me the cover is not enough.

Iati backpacker: 918,58 €uros.  100.000 €uros medical expenses.

True Value: from 262€  up to 414€ (baggage, laptop, excess, etc). 3 Millions  € medical expenses.

Traveller: from 344€ up to 492€ (baggage, laptop, excess, etc). 5 Millions  € medical expenses.

iati travel insurance

iati travel insurance

Would you like to get a quote? I will show you step by step

First click here and we will do it together J

  • Step 1: Fill in the form. Country of Residence, Single or Multi Trip, Age, etc.
  • Step 2: Choose your cover, for example “Traveller” and don´t forget Excess if you want to be cover from the very first cent.

true traveller mejor seguro de viaje para mochileros

  • Step 3: Choose the pack that fits better for you. Remember, the Traveller Pack is already included in the price and cover more than 90 activities.

mejor seguro de viaje para la working holiday visa canada

  • Step 4: Fill in your personal details.

  • Step 5: Answer every question about medical conditions.

  • Last Step: The unpleasant one but the most important, Pay.


Get a Travel Insurance or not? Such a question. The decision is yours but in my opinion for less than 1€/day I won´t take the risk. If you have a tight budget choose the economy version so I´m pretty sure you can afford it. I have showed you how to do it so now, the decision is Yours!!!

true traveller travel insurance